Twin Swift — Taylor and Alison Swift


rosemaryswifts: name two things you like about yourself, then pass this on to the first ten people you see on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem
  • my fashion sense
  • my long eyelashes



aries - ultraviolence
taurus - video games
gemini - off to the races
cancer - black beauty
leo - money power glory
virgo - burning desire
libra - florida kilos
scorpio - gods and monsters
sagittarius - guns and roses
capricorn - yayo
aquarius - bel air
pisces - ride


Describing it [the 5th album] is difficult. At the care of what I do, it’s always going to revolve around a confessional storyline and filling my fans in on what my life has actually been. It’s become this lifeline between me and my friends and they know that no matter what they read in some magazine, they’re going to hear the actual accounting of it when the album comes out. I’ve always written songs for the same reason - to sort through my emotions. As I grow up, the lessons I learn in love and relationships and how we treat each other are hopefully maturing - hopefully.

Being a powerful woman who also exhibits great warmth is an incredible feat because people think that to be powerful you have to be cold, and you don’t.”




some celebs need to do insane things to get in the news but all taylor swift has to do is leave a nice comment on instagram who’s the real winner here

Oh and date countless celebrities and break up with them soon after then write songs about them saying they’re in the wrong.

Yeah we got a real champion here…

[four minute long farting noise]

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Thank you :))

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